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Garden Transformation, Waterbeach

North East
Soil Type:
Imported Fortified Soil

Our clients were 2 business people who spend their time between the UK and USA. They really wanted a wow garden for adults with little maintenance, but at the same time full of interest, innovative and using the best components and build quality.


We worked closely with our clients, tweaking the design to reflect exactly what they wanted. We arrived at a contemporary, chic and stylish design that they loved.

We started the transformation by using Italian slate with a sandstone detail to create the zones, along with the new garden features. To seperate the lawn and the terrace the team incorporated a beautifully illuminated waterfall, utilising a stunning riven slate with accented lighting to highlight the steps. Finally, mingling uplighters to the specimen planting along with a bespoke cedar slatted fencing using high quality pin spotlights, simply makes the garden look amazing at any time of the day or night. The planting used was selected for it's renown in being reliably low maintenance.



Test Internal


The garden is great, it's exactly what we wanted and it was ready in time for the summer.


Willingham Back

Great Ormond Back

Qeen Ediths Back