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Garden Transformation, Queen Ediths Road

Queen Ediths Road, Cambridge
South Facing
Soil Type:
Goulty Clay

Our clients had an orangery extension built to an exceptionally high standard and needed their garden to reflect them, their lifestyle, and the build quality of the extension. Running their own catering business across Cambridge, our clients have busy lifestyles and enjoy late summer evenings in the gardens, sitting back with a drink. Their house is their home, and they wanted their garden to stand the test of time whilst looking beautiful.

Working with us to refine the design that they had dreamt about since the building work commenced, our clients needed an accredited company they could trust to implement this to the standard required, Zion Landscapes were recommended to them and were only to pleased to meet and exceed their expectations..


We advised our clients on some design details that would make their garden really stand out, we made the internal and external floor heights equal and installed a failsafe drain ensuring no water would make its way towards their dream home.

Flemish-bond brick work with lime mortar was used to bring out the definition in the brick faces encircling the terrace. This wall had two facets, firstly it retained the soil away from the house, and secondly it provided enough seating for a large party, thus making the garden a perfect place for to entertain the multitudes, or simply relax with a glass of wine after a busy week.

For the most part the garden is perfectly balanced with the pond and water feature footprint mirroring the upper level decking and hot tub space. Using clean sharp materials we created contrast in light and dark from the paving to the decking. High end, long lasting materials were essential to complete this beautiful outdoor space. To break up the vast amount of patio on the lower level we floated the patio seamlessly into the hardwood Elondo decking and used garden lighting to subtly highlight plants and features at night, giving this garden height and depth all day long.


Test Internal


Our garden is exactly how I imagined it would be - I am thrilled. Each morning it brings a tear to my eye.


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